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We create bespoke solutions with a combination of Software Development, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Data Management.

Software Development

Software Development

1. Design

Our projects commence with intuitive hand-crafted UI/UX designs by our in-house designers.

2. Develop

Our web, mobile, and back-end developers come together to create cohesive solutions. Additionally, we are experienced in enhancing your applications with industry-level integrations.

3. Deploy

The projects cumulate with our network engineers and solution architects ensuring that the solutions are deployed on the most suitable hosting environments.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Built-in Systems

Usually in the form of kiosks, examples of our past experience include building systems for placing fast food orders and payments, to informational kiosks in educational institutions.

On The Go

For more mobile solutions, our IoT solutions include integration with mobile devices, wearables, and more!


In line with our value of crafting "smart" solutions, we seamlessly bring together sensors, embedded hardware, and beacons / tags.


Artificial Intelligence

Our AI engine is built on the core pillars of Bias, Confidence, and Explainability. This enables us to prevent model tendencies like outliers, achieve accuracy and consistency in prediction, and provide reasoning on how predictions are made.

Computer Vision

Empower your hardware with the ability to intepret and understand the visual world through Computer Vision.

Natural Language Processing

From either understanding speech or text, NLP understands language in the correct context and takes the most appropriate follow up action.

Time Series Analysis

Through smart modelling and forecasting, we are able to predict and pre-empt future events with high levels of accuracy.


Data Management

1. Planning

Upon the commencement of every project, Nano sets out to gain a clear understanding of your existing datasets, workflows, and new business requirements.

2. Data Modelling

With the knowledge gained from our pre-planning phase, we design a preliminary template for our clients to fill up. By cleaning up dirty data and aligning the data design formats, we are able to optimise how data is saved, as well as how CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations are being performed.

3. Data Migration

If data migration is required, we build customised, proprietary database scripts to streamline this process.

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