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Why Workplace?

Workplace from Facebook brings your technologies and people together. Because we work better together.

Your Tools Together.

Workplace contains all your industry-relevant collaboration tools, integrations and posibilities for customisation in a single, cohesive package.

Your People Together.

Workplace from Facebook lets us be apart together by bridging the gaps across both physical and corporate boundaries.

Your Tools Together.

Switching between email, messenging, voice calls, and video conferencing apps all the time?
Workplace solves that.

The New Email & SMS

Anytime, anywhere. File sharing without size limits. All in a package that is faster and more secure.

Built-in Video Calls

Call your colleagues, or set up an online meeting with external parties at a click of a button.

Sync with Active Directory

Use your same business credentials to log into Workplace, safely and securely, without having to remember another password.

Seamless Integrations

Integrations with your favourite tools, such as G Suite, Microsoft Azure AD, Salesforce, and more!

Live Streaming

Unable to be present for a seminar or event? Ask your colleague to live stream it to you. Playback features let you view it any time too!

Made For You

With a robust API, Workplace is open to a myraid of customisable add-on features which we are proficient in developing.

Your People Together.

Authentic Voice

Removal of corporate barriers with multi-dimensional communication between departments and roles.

Global Communication

Auto-Translate Features and Live Captions ensure your communication transcends languages.

The Wisdom of Crowds

Workplace comes with built-in survey tools to facilitate consolidation of opinions within your organisation.

Why Nano + Workplace?

Face to Face:

Nano provides onboarding services, trainings, and change management workshops for you and your teams. While Workplace is a powerful tool, we help you further maximise its potential within the context of your organisation.

Technical Expertise:

We ensure a smooth transition process with our proficiency in data migration, integrations with existing tools, or building custom bots.

Impact Investing:

Collaborate with us and we will get a non-profit beneficiary of your choice on Workplace as well.

Begin Your Transformation With Us.

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